Class: Painting from the Landscape Outdoors

The class is for people who have painted, would like to try landscape, but feel they need help getting started,
or people who would like to try a different approach to the one they have been using, or people who feel they know how to start but want help (or just input) getting past the start.

I've been painting outdoors since 1978, in oils and watercolor. Mostly my work is driven by a feeling for the space and liveliness of a scene. I can offer tips on getting started with composition, color, and flow. It's all about the process.

I plan to take people to places nearby, where there is a bit of wildness, but also a bit of city. As a rather lazy person, I tend to avoid long walks with heavy equipment. (The struggle to set up can get in the way of the art).

If you think you might be interested in joining me, the class will generally meet on site Friday mornings at 9:30 or 10, and going till around 1. There will be 8 classes, starting the 4th week in June, the 23rd . First class meets at my studio and proceeds to to a site close at hand. (the Albany Bulb? the North Branch of the library?)
There will be a demonstration, tips on getting started, help along the way, and show-and-tell. We'll go twice to a spot unless it's impossible because of wind or other issues. We can communicate individually by email so you get the right equipment and materials from the get-go. If enough people want to try locations farther away, we could make a trip to Mt Diablo or China Camp, both State Parks.

The 8 week series will be $190. Want to give it a try? It could be fun.

I would love to hear from you if you are interested.